The Gammarus & Swiss Straw Combo

I posted an image of a rather wet Gammarus Czech nymph on Facebook recently and, since posting it, I’ve had over a dozen emails asking what the shellback material is.

As are most things in the world of fly tying, it’s nothing new, but I only see it’s inclusion in fly patterns thanks to a handful of fly tiers. I myself only use the material on a small number of flies but, as the image shows, it adds a rather nice ‘buggy’ affect to the pattern.

The material is simply Swiss Straw and, is a form of the old Raffia material. There is a huge range of offerings online, so I’ll leave you have the fun of choosing one who has the best offering/best price. All I know is, damn does it look good…

The below images are of the same fly. The ‘dry’ version is a snap of the fly fresh from the vice and, the ‘wet’ version was taken just this previous Saturday whilst out on a trip to a tributary to the Welsh River Wye. It accounted for 75% of my fish. That’s enough for me.

Dry - Gammarus Czech with Parasitic Hot Spot

Wet - Gammarus Czech Nymph with Parasitic Hotspot

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