Olive & Red Jig

Playing around with a few new jig patterns this evening, I was after something with a little more mobility and so I got the CDC out for a play. Keeping with the traditional jig make-up, this pattern keeps a slim taper in order to sink at it’s optimum rate, but I feel the addition of CDC gives it a nice added touch of movement. The rib was just something I had on the tying desk, but adds just the right amount of flash. Adding a flash-back/belly is another option, but I like the way this basic pattern has turned out.

There’s nothing really ‘new’ about this type of pattern, but shows just how versatile and open to ‘personal touch’ jig patterns are. Apologies for the lousy picture quality…the SLR is packed away so I grabbed the compact for a couple of quick shots.

Hook: FTB “J” Hook, Size 14
Bead: 3.5mm Tungsten, gold
Thread: Sheer 14/0, black
Tails: Partridge fibres, grey
Rib: Small UTC Ultra Wire, Red
Abdomen: Hare’s Ear, olive
Hackle: CDC, khaki
Thorax: Superfine dubbing (in split thread), brown-olive

Olive & Red Jig - Wet

Olive & Red Jig - Dry

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