Frozen Rod Rings & One Weighty Lady

Today was a tough one. With temperatures plummeting yesterday we knew the grayling may not have acclimatised just yet and, as such, today would be a little tricky. Add to that the fact that they’re still pretty shoaled up and, well…we were right.

Shoals apart, and with temperatures failing to rise above 0°C all day, we did the leg work and managed a few grayling each, all around the 3/4lb mark, however, the end of the day brought a rather welcome surprise for Liam (aka – The Tenkara Guru). The surprise, a 2.5lb grayling.

A bloody cold day, but made the warmer thanks to the stove, fresh bacon sarnies for breakfast and curry for lunch, and a great final fish.

Good morning Irfon…-3°C…


The bug that accounted for three of my grayling – Tungsten Bead Head Flashback Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

Walshy working a very grayling-looking, but very grayling-less run…

The ice builds…


And finally, a grayling worth a picture! Weighed-in at bang on 2.5lbs. Well done Li’! I must say, this picture doesn’t to do the fish justice…the thickness of the things was amazing!

Good night Irfon…

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