Monnow Rivers Association Auction 2011 – Happy Bidding!!!

Monow Rivers Association 2011 Auction, in Conjunction with the Fly Fishing Forums

In conjunction with the Fly Fishing Forums, the fantastic Monnow Rivers Association are holding their annual Monnow Auction, which sees lots presented from a host of riparian owners, fly fishing guides, instructors, fly tiers, as well as a bounty of other piscatorial goodies, and I’m proud to be donating two (2) lots which may interest the readers of FFISW. This is a great cause guys, so if you’re able to support the MRA in any way, I know they would really appreciate it! If you’ve been reading Fly Fishing in South Wales for any amount of time, you’ll have seen images of a range of Monnow catchment waters as, I myself, am a huge fan of what that magical catchment has to offer. It’s a truly beautiful part of the world, but there’s still much to be done.

Last year the MRA raised just under £4,000, all of which has gone directly into habitat restoration work within the Monnow catchment, overseen by Mr Rob Denny and supported by a marvellously dedicated team. The big achievement in 2011 has been the near eradication of Himalayan Balsam in the upper part of the river system. To read more about the Balsam eradication work click here.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Monnow and her wonderful tributaries, feel free to visit the MRA’s website at, or via the Fly Fishing Forums Monnow thread by clicking here. There is still much more to be done in terms of securing the river’s productive future; hence the latest annual auction.

What has really made the auction a rip-roaring success over the past couple of years really has been the number of lots donated by members of  Fly Fishing Forums – there have been flies, fishing days, unlikely booze items and all sorts of other such goodies which has helped the MRA more than double their usual total. This year is no exception and the MRA have got some corking lots on offer.

The auction will start on 10th November and run until the 2nd December. The lots themselves will be posted in the Monnow Section of the Rivers Boards, feel free to keep yourselves up to date on the lots and their progress by dipping in from time to time.

Lot #41 – A Guided Day with Gareth Lewis on the River Usk

One of my main guiding haunts and, during the trout season, my other office. The beat in question offers fantastic wild brown trout fishing in beautiful surroundings, and with a chance of catching a true Usk ‘lunker’.

I’ll be supplying a full day’s guiding package which will include lunch, all terminal end tackle (flies, leaders, tippet), as well as a rod/reel outfit and waders if required. My guided trips focus on catching fish, but usually tend to dip into water-craft, various fishing techniques, and even a little casting instruction. If you want to learn a few new techniques, want to iron out a casting issue, or simply crack on and fish with a guide at your side, the options are yours.

Make a Bid > Lot 41 – Usk Guided Day

Lot #44 – River Selection Fly Box (Trout)

I’ll also be throwing one of my River Selection Boxes (Trout) into the auction. The box will include two dozen flies (the contents of which can be seen by visiting my Fly Shop) and are presented in a free compartment fly box. All are hand tied using only the highest quality materials, and are hand-picked by me for use on a number of rivers within South Wales and beyond.

Make a Bid > Lot 44 – River Selection Box

That’s all for now guys, and I wish the bidders of you out there the best of luck! If you’ve any questions regarding my specific offerings, feel free to get in touch via my Contact page, but make sure to stay tuned to the main Monnow Auction page for any future announcements. For now, and to get the taste buds working, below are a few shots of what’s on offer to the lucky bidders!

Happy bidding!

A guided trip on the River Usk back in May 2011…glorious colours!
A guided trip on the River Usk back in May 2011...glorious colours!

A true wild brown trout, and these Usk fish fight hard!
A true wild brown trout, and these Usk fish fight hard!

More May 2011 action…
More May 2011 action...

…with a couple of healthy Usk specimens to the dry fly
...with a couple of healthy Usk specimens to the dry fly

A true Usk ‘Lunker’…
A true Usk Lunker...

…and the sunsets are to die for.
...and the sunsets are to die for.

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