Tying The Simple, Dubbed Body Paradun Fly Tying Video

Thanks again to the Gwent Angling Society, and following on from my previous post regarding the RS2 Fly Tying Video, I’m now pleased to announce the second video in the series – the simple, dubbed body paradun.

The Simple, Dubbed Body Paradun

This second video features a generalistic dun imitation which works well in a variety of colours and on any sort of water where olives and other upwings are present. In fact, I think I’d also add that the colour is actually secondary, with primary concern needing to focus on the size, shape, and silhouette of the pattern.

Thanks to this pattern’s parachute-style hackle and fluorescent TMC AeroDry Wing post, the pattern is suitable for both slack and moderately fast waters, and can also be seen at distance. I tie this style of pattern in sizes from #16 down to #24, in colours from grey to black, and from olive to white. Simply put, match your local water’s dun population, and you have a quick, easy to tie upwing imitation which can be fished anywhere in the UK and beyond!

Still to come in the series – chironomid emerger (#20) and chironomid pupa (#22). Stay tuned!

A simple, dubbed body paradun…
A simple, dubbed body paradun

Hook: TMC 100 BL, #18
Thread: Sheer Ultrafine 14/0, olive (Uni 8/0 used in video as I’d run out of Sheer!)
Post: TMC AeroDry, grey (fluorescent pink shown in video)
Wing: Whiting Pro Grade Rooster Midge Saddle Hackle, medium dun
Tails: Microfibbets, silver dun
Body: Superfine dubbing, blue winged olive

To view the dubbed body paradun fly tying video and to visit the Gwent Angling Society website, simply click the below player.

Click to play...

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