MFA River Work

Friday saw thirty individuals gather for a little evasive fauna removal work on a tributary of the River Monnow; attendees to the day were a mix of Monnow Fisheries Association, Keep Wales Tidy, Brecon Beacons National Park, Environment Agency and, of course, us anglers. The focal point of the day was to pull as much Himalayan Balsam as possible.

Each party, covering more than a few miles each, was able to pull a large amount of Himalayan Balsam, but further work will probably be needed next year as well. It’s a long term project but the MFA have seen considerable positive affects from these pulling days and are true leaders in this cause.

As well as a cracking buffet lunch, the MFA were kind enough to organise a little fishing for all anglers present, and it was happily received. Tiredly, we ventured out for a few hours on unfished and beautiful Honddu waters.

Tiresome work, but for a great cause.

Ever wondered what Himlayan Balsalm looks like with it’s ass kicked?
MFA River Work - Dead Balsalm

A wild Honddu jewel.
MFA River Work - A Wild Honddu Jewel

An Explosive Rise
MFA River Work - An Explosive Rise

Evening Settles
MFA River Work - Evening Settles

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