Monnow Social 2010 – The Aftermath

Monnow Social 2010 - The Rabble

For anyone yet to hear of an event I’ve attended for a fourth year, and known simply as ‘The Monnow Social’, it’s somewhat of a mystical, starry-eyed affair spanning two full days and including a ton of fishing and (usually) two nights of extreme drinking socialising with other like minded fishing-obsessed weirdos gentlemen.

As is always the case after a social, I find it pretty damned hard to put the weekend into words, but needless to say the usual (and rather hysterical) suspects were present, with the added bonus of Egor/Norman Bates, Gandalf the Grey and the catchment’s very own ‘Monnow Cowboy’ making an appearance this year. The weather felt almost January-like for the first two days before the sun kicked its way into Sunday, but spirits were high throughout as old friends caught up and new friends were ‘initiated’ and consequently scared away forever. Fish were caught, tales were told and lots of one or two drinks were drunk.

The Saturday Night Auction was, as always, terrifying with Mr Auctioneer Denny able to palm off just about anything to anyone brave/stupid enough to simply look in the wrong direction. God couldn’t have been smiling when a certain individual released the (now famous) ‘£50 Fart’; it, quite possibly, could have been the most expensive expulsion in history. Needless to say, it was hysterical.

Monnow Social 2010 - The Fishing

The fishing was tough due to the chilly temperatures, and conditions which I would normally associate with winter grayling fishing seemed to want to stay around all weekend, even prompting two usually tough-as-old-boots-fishermen to abandon their fishing thirty minutes early in order to hunt for the nearest warm pub. A beer jacket is the only jacket you need in such situations.

Home, two weeks on, and it all seems a distant memory. Sadly, I neglected to take many photos this year, but I think others will agree that this was the most successful Monnow Social to date, and with a fantastic amount raised for the fantastic Monnow Fisheries Association, a tireless and truly inspirational bunch. It was great to meet the new faces and, as always, was fantastic to meet up with old friends. A special and huge thanks must go to Rob, Patrick, Neil, Dave, Frank and the Kitchen Crew. Well done guys, and I’ll hopefully see you all again at the same time and same place next year, if not before.

For a few extra sights of the weekend, feel free to visit the Monnow Social (2010) photo gallery.

Monnow Social 2010 - The Fish

Monnow Fisheries Association

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